Interconnect Solutions Company (ISC)


ISC has over 50 years of interconnect solutions experience,
preparing us to provide high quality, custom solutions to all of our customers.

Custom Wire & Cable Assembly | Complex Interconnects & Harnesses | Electro-mechanical Assembly

With almost 50 years of cable and wire harness assemblies experience, we are equipped to tackle any problem our clients face while top quality providing solutions at a fair price. No matter the level of complexity a wire harness assembly requires, we have automated tooling, assembly aides, and engineering support for quality and efficient manufacturing. Our processes help build and certify assemblies and components to UL, iTAR, and RoHS compliance.

We are a sub-prime supplier of electronic sub-assemblies for military aircraft and defense systems. We have evolved into a distinguished contract manufacturer of low and medium-volume electro-mechanical assemblies for customers in the aerospace, military, medical, industrial, and commercial OEM fields. Our services range from simple fan assemblies to highly technical multi-layered control systems and enclosures.

Interconnect Solutions electromechanical contract manufacturing designs and assemblies custom box builds in precise timing, quality, and performance requirements. We are flexible and capable of designing and manufacturing solutions for difficult problems.

We provide custom connector and harness solutions designed to your exact specifications. Our solutions are produced in-house at one of our two Southern California manufacturing facilities. Our state of the art equipment that can produce a range of solutions from smart cables to data connector solutions. We offer custom plugs and jacks at low-cost designs used for quick connects and disconnects. Thumb pads can combine multiple wires into a one-of-a-kind solution and increase the integrity of electrical connections.