We represent companies from the industrial sectors such as automotive, industrial equipment, precision instruments, tools and general hardware. KT Technical Sales Group is a manufacturing representative agency whose mission is to represent industrial companies for the Global markets on the basis of excellence in professionalism, trust, and enthusiasm.

We represent your company and your products through our global business networks. In doing so, we create a single and trusted point of contact for your company with our multilingual staff to effectively develop the market and manage the sales cycle. Our team works hand in hand with your export department and thus forms the basis for a successful expansion worldwide.

As your representatives, we constantly monitor the market, gather and analyze market data, and establish contacts with the major market players. Our research reports provide an insightful understanding of the size and growth of markets, who are your potential clients, what types of products are in demand, and who are the main competitors.

We take care of every aspect of the sales function and marketing strategy. Our efforts are focused on three key areas: acquiring new customers and sales leads, expanding the network of distributors and commercial partners, and increasing the brand awareness across the target market, particularly through the most trusted channels.

KT Technical Sales operates in Global markets and has the know-how of more than 40 years of experience in the industries of electronics, hardware equipment, and automotive tools. We work in close relationship with our network of client-partners (leading wholesalers, large retailers and buying groups who are able to import directly into the global market).

Our commitment to our clients and the companies we represent is to the fully understand their needs within the different markets Worldwide and how to best fulfil them. Currently, we represent a portfolio of global manufacturing companies in the industrial tools sectors (from automotive tools to general hardware).

KT Technical Sales