Total Network Service, Inc.  (TNS)


Our Brands
Our brands inter-connect to form an end to end solution for most blockchain applications.

TNS Cloud
Decentralized Cloud Services Our global data network provides the tools to create and manage dedicated clouds, with the ability to host many VPS servers and online devices. Our easy to use control panel makes it easy to add and remove servers and devices. Select from pre-configured server options such as Blockchain Node Server, Data Ports, Database Server, and others.

Digital Names
Digital Names for Blockchains Born from a need for an easy to use method to send and receive various tokens and coins, Digital Names solves this need by providing an easy to remember Digital Name which will translate to any given public key or wallet address. A Digital Name can be your real name, your nickname, any fictional name or even your store or business name.

TNS Office

Total Network Service, Inc. (TNS Hosting Cloud)