Today, we can design, make, supply and deliver for customers of every size
in every corner of the world –whether your product is still a notion on a napkin,
in mass production or at any point in between. Avnet combines
the agility needed to get to market first with nearly a century of close-knit
relationships with technology’s most trusted global companies.
Turning ideas no one’s heard of into products everyone knows.

Technology’s next wonder is out there, somewhere.
It may just be scribbles on a napkin right now,
a possibility on paper, but tomorrow, it could change the world –
with a little help from Avnet.

As a leading global technology solutions provider, we’ve always
adapted to changing markets and needs. But with the recent
acquisitions of Farnell and Hackster.io, we’re bridging the worlds of
makers and manufacturers like never before.

Avnet can support you with design, configuration, manufacturing and
installation. A global network of manufacturing and integration centers
supports your business by building all or part of your product, from simple
modified off-the-shelf OEM products to custom manufactured modules.

The values that drive our business and our people forward every day are:

Integrity: We mean what we say, we respect others and we do business the right way.
Empathy: We listen and see the world through the eyes of the customer.
Ingenuity: We find smart ways to make things work better and leverage technology in unique ways to solve our customers’ toughest challenges.
Collaboration: With each other, our customers and our suppliers, we put our heads together to get the job done.
Objectivity: We work with open minds and no bias – other than making our customers successful.
Know-how: Our technical and market expertise runs deep.